Physical Therapy for Balance Dysfunction

If you have been experiencing some balance deficits for various reasons which can include, a traumatic brain injury, vertigo and/or general weakness, physical therapy can be beneficial for decreasing your fall risk and helping you to gain confidence to perform all of your usual daily activities. After an evaluation to determine where your balance deficits lie,

Fall Risk At-Home

Studies have indicated that at least 10 weeks of imbalance intervention can decrease fall risk for several months afterwards. Continuing with physical therapy (PT) for 10 weeks is not always possible so continuing with appropriate exercise after discharging from PT is imperative. Your therapist can provide with exercises to perform in that are effective,

Pediatric Vestibular (Balance) Disorders

When a child presents with vestibular disorder symptoms, it can easily be missed, overlooked or misunderstood. For example, we may dismiss the signs and symptoms by thinking the child is just simply genetically uncoordinated. Since children affected with vestibular disorder often do not know that how they feel is different or know how to describe how they are feeling,