Kenneth and his Bicep Tear

Kenneth Piar finally got a weekend off to finish some long awaited chores since the COVID pandemic began. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Kenneth was lifting some heavy sand with bad body mechanics. Kenneth recalls hearing sounds of a rifle shot but realized quickly it was actually the sound of his bicep tendon being torn from the bone.

Biceps Tear At-Home Therapy


Your surgeon will likely give you an elbow brace that will prevent excessive elbow extension in order to protect the repair – straightening your elbow will put too much tension on the still healing repair. The brace will be adjustable, starting at limiting extension to 45 degrees in your second week and gradually increasing the amount of extension until you have full range in about the eighth week.

Biceps Tendon Tear

The biceps brachii is a muscle with two distinct muscle bellies. The short head of the biceps brachii originates from the coracoid process, and the long head of the biceps originates from the superior glenoid labrum. Both heads insert into the same place on the radial tuberosity. Because the biceps brachii crosses both the shoulder joint and elbow joint,

Rotator Cuff Tear at home

Continuing your therapy at home is an essential part of the recovery process after a rotator cuff tear. You will work with your Physical Therapist to come up with an at-home program tailored to you based on the severity of your rotator cuff tear, your activity level, and your lifestyle. At home physical therapy includes a combination of rest,

Frank Eichler and his Rotator Cuff Tear

“I am 64 years old and haven’t learned anything,” according to Elite Shelbyville’s patient Frank Eichler after his Rotator Cuff Tear Repair.  Last February, Frank was pruning about 110 pear trees on his farm using a chainsaw and a pole saw.  Within a few weeks, Frank’s shoulder became very sore.

When thinking it was time to go see a doctor about his sore shoulder,

What to do after a Total Shoulder Replacement

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery – Home Exercise Program (0 to 6 weeks post-op)

A home exercise program, or HEP, is a list of exercises your therapist will assign for you to do on your own at home. Think of your healing process as an interstate, and you’re driving a car from point A (the day of your initial evaluation) to point B (fully healed).

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Replacements

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery – in clinic modalities (0 to 6 weeks post-op)

After shoulder replacement surgery, it is very important to let your shoulder heal in the first six weeks. Most protocols call for passive motion only, meaning your shoulder muscles are not supposed to be used to move your arm.