At Home Tips for Sciatic Back Pain


After you have attended your first couple of physical therapy treatments for Sciatica back pain, your PT will send you home with a home exercise program. This will include a personalized list of stretches and exercises to be completed during the week, when you are not attending PT in person. The HEP will include pictures of the exercises along with written instructions that include the frequency and duration of each exercise.

Treatment for Sciatica

If you’re experiencing Sciatica, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy or you can schedule an evaluation with a Physical Therapist through direct access.  When coming to PT for sciatic pain, you can expect:

    • Evaluation: a thorough evaluation from a Physical Therapist including an analysis of your symptoms, palpation of your spine and lower body to assess for pain,

Common Causes of Sciatica


Sciatica refers to nerve pain from an injury or irritation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in our bodies, running from the lumbar spine down through the glutes (buttocks), back of the thighs, and into the lower leg. Sciatica is a fairly common condition, usually affecting only one side of your lower body at a time,

Linda Mangum Suffers Bulging Disk from Landscape Work

Linda Mangum is a patient at our Cool Springs clinic and suffered a bulging disk between her L4 and L5 vertebrae while also suffering from Sciatica.  Linda was moving a large number of landscape blocks when the lower part of her started hurting badly.  It was hard to straighten up immediately afterwards.  After about six weeks,