Steve Knee Replacement

After years of playing softball and refereeing basketball, Steve Lovvorn had worn his right knee out.  His doctor recommended replacement and he agreed. When his doctor asked where he wanted to do his physical therapy, Steve said it was an easy choice.  Steve had done therapy before at Elite PT and Balance for both rotator cuff repairs he had done years earlier.

Bill Anderson uses Dry Needling

Bill Anderson loves to fish, but recently developed “Fishing Elbow,” otherwise known as Tennis Elbow. Tennis Elbow is a repetitive movement strain injury that required treatment for relief, and Bill opted for our dry needling option for quicker relief.

When dry needling, our physical therapist takes a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate deep myofascial trigger points.

Meniscus Tear At Home

During the early stages of physical therapy intervention for your meniscus tear you will be assigned a home exercise program (HEP). An HEP is a printed copy of some or all of the exercises that you will be performing during your PT sessions. As your meniscus begins to heal following surgical repair your therapist will begin to add more advanced exercises to your therapy sessions and to your HEP.

Meniscus Tear

Chronic knee pain can be the result of several different factors. Some common causes of knee pain are torn muscles/tendons, osteoarthritis, and a torn meniscus. Our topic today will be the latter of the three. So how does one go about tearing a meniscus you might ask? Several common causes of meniscus tears are as follows:

      • Sudden pivot or turn
      • Deep squatting
      • Direct hit on outside of knee while playing sports such as soccer or football and can also involve injuries to other tissues that make up the joint capsule surrounding the knee

Deep inside the knee joint sits the meniscus.