“Honey” and her Neck Pain

Brenda Ayers, called “Honey” by her family and friends, started feeling pain and tightness in her neck several months ago. When the pain went down into her upper back and left shoulder blade and got worse instead of going away, Honey went to her doctor and had an MRI. She was told she had cervical disc degeneration and was sent to physical therapy at Elite.

Common Disc Issues

It is important to know the difference in the most common disc issues: herniated/ruptured disc, bulging discs and degenerative disc. It is also to important to understand the symptoms, risk factors and treatment options for disc issues. Most people are unaware that you can experience radicular pain in other parts of your body that originate from common disc issues in your spine.

Jeri Arrighi & her Spinal Stenosis

“Everyone at Elite PT have been very encouraging”

Jeri Arrighi is a patient at Elite’s Shelbyville clinic. She initially presented with balance issues that progressively got worse, leading to falls and reliance on a walker, as well as numbness and tingling in her hands. Since Jeri spends a lot of time working on her farm and with her horses,

Tips To Eliminate Neck Pain

We live in a society that contributes to cervical (neck) pain. Much of our day is spent in a flexed spinal position which places our head in a forward position when compared to our shoulders. Sitting at desks, typing, driving, watching TV and looking at cell phones are all activities that cause poor postural habits which in turn can cause neck pain.

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

How can Physical Therapy help neck pain?

Thankfully, most neck pain does not have a significant, serious cause. The vast majority of patients experiencing neck pain can get relief from conservative treatments by a Physical Therapist. But, if surgery or other more intensive medical treatment is unavoidable, Physical Therapy can also be used post-op to allow quicker recovery of mobility,

Rita McBee’s Neck Pain

After cervical spinal fusion eight years ago, Rita McBee relies on physical therapy to help her with neck pain, stiffness and burning caused from arthritis. Keeping her up at night and from enjoying daily activities, Rita knew it was time for physical therapy at the Shelbyville clinic of Elite Physical Therapy.  

Rita says “the staff at Elite Physical Therapy thoroughly evaluated my pain and set out a plan of care to give me relief.