Total Knee Replacement In-Clinic Therapy

On your first day of therapy, you will meet with a Physical Therapist to evaluate your post-surgical knee. This will include assessment of your surgical incision, any bandage changes per your doctor, assessment of swelling, and range of motion measurements. Following your evaluation, you will complete some exercises to start getting your knee moving and work on gentle strengthening.

Paul Whitaker Overcomes Knee Replacement Due to Arthritis

Paul Whitaker is a patient at our Shelbyville Clinic.  His left knee had been damaged by arthritis which made it difficult to play golf, walk normally, or exercise at the gym.  Recommended by his physician, Paul started physical therapy with the goal of 100% recovery and freedom from pain.  He just wanted to get back to his normal active lifestyle.

Raymond Battles Fall Risk with Full Knee Replacement

Fall Risk was becoming a serious issue for Raymond Herschberger, a patient at our Shelbyville clinic.  He was beginning to have some instability in his right knee which was making he and others concerned about falling.  As Raymond recalls, he never sustained an injury in the knee, it was just wearing out on him,