Total Knee Replacement-At Home Therapy

Following Total Knee Replacement, continuing therapy at home is very important. You will be given a home exercise program during your time in therapy to perform on days that you are not in clinic. These exercises help to reinforce the progress you make during therapy and allow you to progress to more difficult exercises while in clinic.

Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement, also known as total knee arthroplasty (TKA), is a common surgical procedure. It consists of cutting away parts of damaged bone on your thigh bone, shin bone, and knee cap and replacing them with artificial parts. Your doctor will determine if you are a candidate based on a variety of different assessments such as your range of motion,

Total Knee Replacement In Clinic

On your first day of therapy, you will meet with a Physical Therapist to evaluate your post-surgical knee. This will include assessment of your surgical incision, any bandage changes per your doctor, assessment of swelling, and range of motion measurements. We can even help your physician monitor your blood clotting time to regulate medication which decreases chances of blood clots.

Both Knees At Once


Rob’s brave story of having both total knees replaced at once. After years of playing sports, multiple motorcycle accidents and spending 32 years in Armed Forces, it was time to re evaluate both knee issues which caused severe pain and effected my quality of life. 

Step one was a scope of both knees to repair torn meniscus and trying to somewhat reduce pain on both knees.

Darlene’s Total Knee Recovery

Darlene Walker initially came to Elite Physical Therapy for spinal stenosis and to help prepare her for a total knee replacement. When Darlene first started her therapy, she was limited in walking, standing, climbing stairs, getting out of chairs, playing with her grandchildren, and was prone to falling due to her knee “collapsing”.