Ailments Treated Under Direct Access

Direct Access allows you to come straight to therapy without a doctor’s order for numerous ailments. We have included a list of ailments we can help you recover from. When you do not know which doctor to start with, GP versus specialist to give us a call and we can do a free consult and help guide you which speeds up the process.

Kyle Huggins’ Utilizes Direct Access

Kyle Huggins was fortunate to understand that Direct Access allows him to come straight to physical therapy. When he started hurting, he knew that he did not have to suffer or wait on a doctor’s referral. Kyle just scheduled an appointment for an evaluation where he was quickly evaluated and started to get relief right away.

Chronic Inflamation

So, we’ve previously established that chronic inflammation is a big contributing factor to many diseases including: Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease, cancer, osteoarthritis, bowel diseases, depression…you get the picture.

For today’s topic we are going to discuss one particular cause of chronic inflammation, obesity. Obesity and its constant companion, type 2 diabetes,