Hip Pain-At Home

The rehabilitation process does not end when you walk out the clinic door. You will have home work. Once your hip pain evaluation has been performed and your case has been established, you will be assigned a series of stretching and strengthening exercises that will initially be performed in the Elite clinic. You will be instructed and guided through these exercises by one of our trained staff who will ensure that you are performing all exercises with the proper form and technique.

Treatments for Hip Pain

Once the proper diagnosis is made and it is determined that the cause of your hip pain is trochanteric bursitis or inflammation of the trochanteric bursa, your treatment process will begin. Physical therapy for trochanteric bursitis will be geared towards reducing inflammation in and around the bursa and addressing the soft tissue structures that may be contributing to this painful condition.

Angela Kennedy and Hip Bursitis

Our Cool Springs patient, Angela Kennedy, shares her recovery from hip bursitis. Angela runs an after school program for the Williamson County School district. She enjoys spending time and interacting with all of the kids, so when her hip started to hurt she turned to her favorite orthopedic surgeon and his recommendation to Elite PT and Balance.

Carilu’s Total Hip Replacement

Carilu Robinson’s successful physical therapy rehab from a Total Hip Replacement.  Carilu was a competitive gymnast when she was younger. She believes all the competitions she was in, coupled with breast cancer & chemo later helped deteriorate her hip.  Carilu’s physical activities had really slowed down from the constant pain. After 18 months of hip pain,

Total Hip Replacement At-Home Therapy


The typical time in the hospital following a total hip arthroplasty/replacement can range from about one to three days. There are several important things to consider when planning to go home.

One of the most important things to understand about returning home after a total hip replacement are your movement precautions.

Total Hip Replacement In-Clinic Therapy

Following your hip replacement surgery, your physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation on the first day to assess where you are in the healing process after surgery. The physical therapist will create a plan of care to address your specific deficits and limitations while maintaining your surgical precautions until cleared by your surgeon.

Total Hip Replacement

Total hip arthroplasty, or total hip replacement, is an elective surgical intervention that involves removing the damaged femoral head and cartilage of the acetabulum and replacing it with prosthetic components. This surgical intervention is indicated for patients battling hip pain associated with severe arthritis, osteonecrosis, or problems related to fractures of the hip.

Steve Cole Values His Hip Replacement and PT

Steve Cole is a patient in our Spring Hill clinic.  He was officially diagnosed with Bilateral Hips and had to have Hip Replacement Surgery.  He acquired the condition over many years of standing and walking on concrete for his job.  It has just worn him down overtime, in that, he has had to have twelve surgeries to get things fixed. 

Kay Eusepi Recovers from Hip Replacement

Kay Eusepi needed a hip replacement due to osteoarthritis that began many years ago.  She had her right hip replaced eight years ago, but didn’t want to wait as long with the left hip once she started having pain, like she did with her right one.  After about five months of pain, she decided it was time to have the left hip replaced as well.