Treatment for Bell’s Palsy

Physical therapy is a great option for patients experiencing the symptoms of Bell’s Palsy. The sooner you are able to be evaluated and treated in a therapy clinic, the better chance you have of a quicker and full recovery. Typically, your treatment will include neuromuscular electrical stimulation to the facial muscles. This treatment helps to stimulate the facial nerves and increase muscle contraction of the facial muscles.

“I’m Just so Weak and Tired”

COVID-19 has changed the face of healthcare including Physical Therapy (PT). The percentage of patients we see for general weakness and recovery after a hospital stay has increased. Patients complain of muscle weakness, shaking, shortness of breath, muscle soreness and fatigue. Most of these symptoms can happen after any prolonged illness, but the shortness of breath is more common among COVID-19 recovery.

Tim Phillip’s COVID Recovery

On October 8th, 2020 Tim Phillips tested positive for Covid-19 at Tennova Healthcare in Shelbyville. He spent 3 days in the hospital. As Covid-19 cases are rising across America, hospital workers are becoming more familiar with the virus. This is allowing them to provide the correct care to patients and it’s helping them to wear the best safety equipment themselves.

General Weakness-At Home

Once you have been evaluated by your physical therapist and your treatment sessions begin you will be assigned a specific set of exercises to target the weaker areas of your body. As you start to get stronger, your therapist will prescribe more advanced exercises that will continue to challenge you and promote muscle growth. Once you have demonstrated proper technique with your exercise program and your clinician is confident in your performance you will likely be assigned a home exercise program otherwise known as an HEP.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Me After Illness?

Physical therapists help individuals suffering from weakness, shortness of breath and fatigue gradually improve their activity tolerance. Your physical therapist will design a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs. The plan will help you regain the ability to perform necessary daily physical activities and return to the things you enjoy.

Your physical therapist can help you regain your strength by:

Educating your family.