Jeri Arrighi & her Spinal Stenosis

“Everyone at Elite PT have been very encouraging”

Jeri Arrighi is a patient at Elite’s Shelbyville clinic. She initially presented with balance issues that progressively got worse, leading to falls and reliance on a walker, as well as numbness and tingling in her hands. Since Jeri spends a lot of time working on her farm and with her horses,

Rita McBee’s Neck Pain

After cervical spinal fusion eight years ago, Rita McBee relies on physical therapy to help her with neck pain, stiffness and burning caused from arthritis. Keeping her up at night and from enjoying daily activities, Rita knew it was time for physical therapy at the Shelbyville clinic of Elite Physical Therapy.  

Rita says “the staff at Elite Physical Therapy thoroughly evaluated my pain and set out a plan of care to give me relief.