Ms Ritt and Her Back Pain

Ms. Ardis Rittenberry – or Ms. Ritt, as we call her – has been a patient at our Shelbyville clinic for several months now for bulging disc/sciatica. She originally came for her low back pain and complained of “walking like an old lady” because of her pain. Ms. Ritt is very active in her community and has great-grandchildren to play with,

At Home Care for Iliopsoas/Hip Pain

At home care for iliopsoas injury can be just as important if not more important than in clinic therapy. On the days that you are not attending therapy in the clinic you will be assigned a series of exercises to perform at home. These will likely be some of the same activities that you are performing in clinic during your PT sessions.

Treating Iliopsoas/Hip Pain

Following your referral to Elite Physical therapy you will receive a thorough evaluation to test the strength and mobility of your iliopsoas muscle. This will also involve some questioning from your therapist regarding activities that may aggravate your symptoms or what types of activities relieve your symptoms. Following your evaluation you will be assigned a specific set of exercises to target the iliopsoas and surrounding musculature.

Common Disc Issues-At Home


Common Disc issue treatments can and should be continued at home. Often times its bad habits or mistakes we make that create the common disc issues so education is critical. Your physical therapist will give you a home exercise program(HEP) for your specific disc issue with detailed instructions and pictures of stretches and exercises to perform on the days you do not come into the clinic.