Common Disc Issues-At Home


Common Disc issue treatments can and should be continued at home. Often times its bad habits or mistakes we make that create the common disc issues so education is critical. Your physical therapist will give you a home exercise program(HEP) for your specific disc issue with detailed instructions and pictures of stretches and exercises to perform on the days you do not come into the clinic.

Common Disc Issues In-Clinic

Disc issues are more common that you would think and understanding the treatment in clinic helps you to act promptly and quickly reduce any long term effects.

One of the most common disc issues is a ruptured or herniated disc, when the center of the disc (nucleus) pushes through the outer layer and presses against the nerves.

Chuck’s Recovery from Back Pain

Read about Chuck’s recovery from back pain through the use of Physical Therapy. Chuck Brown has had back pain issues for a long time, but this June 2019 beach trip to Florida will be one he will remember as a painful one. He knew it was time to professionally address his chronic back pain and have a safe recovery.

Common Disc Issues

It is important to know the difference in the most common disc issues: herniated/ruptured disc, bulging discs and degenerative disc. It is also to important to understand the symptoms, risk factors and treatment options for disc issues. Most people are unaware that you can experience radicular pain in other parts of your body that originate from common disc issues in your spine.

Malik Trollinger Overcomes Back Pain to Play Sports Again

Malik Trollinger is a patient at our Shelbyville clinic.  Malik was working out with his football team doing dead-lifts.  He had 395 pounds on the bar, but when he lifted the bar, he heard a lot of cracking and immediately dropped the weight.  He knew something was immediately wrong and called for the trainer to check him out.