Biceps Tendinitis At-Home Therapy

For biceps tendinitis, in order to continue your progress at home, your therapist will give you a home exercise program similar to what you are performing in the clinic. This program will include pictures of the exercise, description of how to perform, and how many repetitions to perform each time. Some additional exercises you may perform at home include:

    • Sleeper stretch
    • Bicep stretch
    • Side-lying external rotation

Along with performing exercises,

Biceps Tendinitis In-Clinic Therapy

Physical therapy is a great treatment option for biceps tendinitis. Initially, you will come in for an evaluation and discuss with a physical therapist your current symptoms and how it may be affecting your daily function. Following the evaluation, your therapist will create a plan of care specifically for your needs. It will include exercises for strengthening shoulder musculature,

Biceps Tear At-Home Therapy

Your surgeon will likely give you an elbow brace that will prevent excessive elbow extension in order to protect the repair – straightening your elbow will put too much tension on the still healing repair. The brace will be adjustable, starting at limiting extension to 45 degrees in your second week and gradually increasing the amount of extension until you have full range in about the eighth week.