Achilles Tendinitis-In Clinic

Physical therapy treatments can be an effective intervention for healing Achilles tendinitis by reducing and eliminating inflammation and pain:

    • Exercise: Therapeutic exercises specifically designed to stretch and strengthen the calf muscles and Achilles tendon will be performed.
    • Modalities: Inflammation reducing modalities, to include phonophoresis (ultrasound technique with use of topical anti-inflammatory drug) and iontophoresis (electrical stimulation used to administer anti-inflammatory drug through the skin) may be performed.

Ginger Harper: Achilles Tendon Tear

Ginger Harper is a patient in our Spring Hill clinic.  The week before Christmas, she was in the attic and fell through the ceiling.  She thought she just bruised her ankle so she didn’t go the doctor for a little while.  But after enough time and pain, the doctor required an MRI, only to discover that Ginger had a torn Achilles tendon and a large bone spur on her ankle.