Achilles Tendinitis-In Clinic

Physical therapy treatments can be an effective intervention for healing Achilles tendinitis by reducing and eliminating inflammation and pain:

    • Exercise: Therapeutic exercises specifically designed to stretch and strengthen the calf muscles and Achilles tendon will be performed.
    • Modalities: Inflammation reducing modalities, to include phonophoresis (ultrasound technique with use of topical anti-inflammatory drug) and iontophoresis (electrical stimulation used to administer anti-inflammatory drug through the skin) may be performed.

Elizabeth and her Heel Spur

Elizabeth Priddy could hardly walk due to progressive pain in her right heel.  Elizabeth is a busy realtor in the Franklin, TN area. She spends much of her time on the move working with her clients in the business of buying and selling homes. Over time, she developed a heel spur. The pain got worse in her Achilles tendon until she came to physical therapy at Elite Physical Therapy &