Your Thoughts Affect Your Health

It’s Positive Thinking Day, and at Elite Physical Therapy and Balance Center, we want you feeling your best. Current studies now show that how we think often directly affects how healthy we are both mentally and physically. Did you know that the average person has over 30,000 thoughts in a single day? If just ten percent of your thoughts are negative, toxic thoughts such as fear, anger, jealousy, worry, etcetera, then in one day you have had over 3,000 toxic thoughts that have built little branches in the brain called dendrites. Dendrites literally look like little trees. They are real matter in your brain directly resulting from your thought life.

Now more than ever we understand that we must control our thinking. What we let in and accept in our minds affects us mentally, spiritually and physically. Recent studies find that an estimated 75%-95% of today’s illnesses are results of toxic thinking. You may believe you are a pretty positive thinker. But, when is the last time you compared yourself to someone else and felt less than? When is the last time you stepped on the scales and shamed yourself? How often have you told yourself that your parents had “x” illness, so you probably will, too? How about being fearful, anxious or worried often? What if you are unable to forgive someone? These are all forms of toxic thinking…and it will make you sick!

The great news is that humans were designed with minds that can be renewed. We can change our brains. We ARE able to change how we think, what we accept in our minds, and what negative thinking to let go.

“Change in your thinking is essential to detox the brain. Consciously controlling your thought life means not letting thoughts rampage through your mind. It means learning to engage interactively with every single thought that you have, and to analyze it before you decide either to accept or reject it.” -Dr. Caroline Leaf

When post-surgery, injured or dealing with other ailments requiring physical therapy, it can be easy to get discouraged. During these sensitive times, it is highly important to consciously make the decision to stay positive. Even when it hurts, try to keep your focus on the goal…to feel better soon and for life! It is with this type of mindset that we see the greatest and quickest successes.

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Happy Positive Thinking Day from Elite Physical Therapy and Balance Center!


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