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Wrist pain is the first indicator of a sprain or strain. Following a wrist sprain or strain your Dr. may refer you to physical therapy. Along with pain, you may notice loss of grip strength. At your initial therapy visit, a PT will assess your injury and determine the appropriate treatment plan according to your injury. The PT will first work to eliminate your pain and inflammation. Then, you may be asked to perform specific exercises to strengthen the muscles of the wrist, hand, and forearm to provide support to the weak ligamentous structures that occur with a sprain. You may also be asked to perform stretching activities to improve mobility to muscles and tendons that may have become tight from disuse.  Examples of some of the exercises performed are as follows:

  • Gripping using digiflex
  • Wrist extensor/flexor stretches
  • Wrist extension and flexion using small weights or theraband

Your therapist will also discuss the causes of the pain which could be repetitive movements, arthritis, carpel tunnel, or trigger finger. You will learn things to avoid or how to modify activities to prevent chronic pain or future damage. As you begin to improve throughout your treatment you will be given more advanced exercises to restore optimal function of your wrist and hand so you can return back to your normal activities.

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