TMJ In-Clinic Therapy

If you have difficulty yawning or chewing due to pain or clicking/locking of the jaw, then you may have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder/dysfunction. Physical therapy can be a good option in order to decrease pain and restore full function.

If you attend physical therapy for TMJ, the following is a sample of what to expect:

    • Gentle exercises will be instructed that isolate specific muscles of the jaw in order to strengthen and improve function as well as re-educating the muscles.
    • Gentle stretches will be given to decrease tightness of surrounding structures as well.
    • Manual techniques – gentle mobilizations of the jaw to promote normal movements, soft tissue mobilization focusing on the specific muscles to decrease trigger points and tightness.
    • Trigger point Dry-Needling (TDN) has been effective in TMJ recovery targeting specific muscles in the jaw that have trigger points causing the jaw to function improperly.
    • Education on postural awareness will be provided as well – upper back and cervical issues can cause symptoms at the joint.
    • Modalities such as ice and heat can be applied as well.

If you are having pain in your jaw or have been diagnosed with TMJ, please come see us for a free consultation to see how we can assist you in your recovery.  To request an appointment, click here, or call directly to one of our three locations during regular business hours:

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