Patellofemoral Knee Pain In-Clinic Therapy

Patellofemoral Joint Pain Syndrome is described as the anterior knee pain that is felt underneath or around the knee cap with weight bearing activities (stairs, squatting, jumping, or running) and prolonged flexion (sitting). There are often three reasons that patellofemoral pain manifests: muscle imbalance at the hip or knee, misalignment of the patella, or over-activity. During your time in the clinic, your therapist will assign you a series of stretches and exercises to stretch any tight hip musculature and to strengthen any muscle imbalances found.

The following is what your PT sessions might look like:

      • Recumbent bicycle ride to warm-up lower extremity musculature and increase circulation to prepare for exercise.
      • Hip and lower extremity sustained stretching for mobility.
      • Weight-bearing and seated therapeutic exercises designed to strengthen muscles ofthe hip and leg.
      • Soft tissue mobilization to lower extremity: Quadriceps muscle, IT band, or any lower extremity musculature that has become tight and overactive.
      • Electrical stimulation (similar to TENS) with an ice pack or vasopneumatic device (ice pack with compression) to help with pain relief and manage inflammation.

Disclaimer:  The information in this blog is intended to be informational only, and is not intended to be used in lieu of medical care.  Consult a doctor or a physical therapist before attempting treatment on your own.

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