Fall Risk At-Home

Studies have indicated that at least 10 weeks of imbalance intervention can decrease fall risk for several months afterwards. Continuing with physical therapy (PT) for 10 weeks is not always possible so continuing with appropriate exercise after discharging from PT is imperative. Your therapist can provide with exercises to perform in that are effective, but safe. Stable surfaces such as the back of wing chairs, counter tops or interior room corners are some things that can be used to remain safe and steady.  Your therapist may also recommend.

Moving furniture out of pathways

Removing throw rugs that are a trip hazard

Putting in handrails on steps and grab bars in showers

Improving lighting so trip hazards are visible

Using an assistive device when getting out of bed as this is when most people are at highest risk

Falls in the home are one of the leading causes of hospitalizations so continuing with a home exercise program provided by your therapist is vital to maintaining your health and independence.

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