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Plantar Fasciitis- technical

Plantar fasciitis is characterized by stabbing pain and inflammation in the heel upon first standing in the morning. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain and it is estimated that approximately 10 % of the population will experience plantar fascia pain at some point during their life.

The plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot.  It begins at the front portion of the calcaneus (heel bone) and attaches to the metatarsal heads just behind the toes. This broad band of connective tissue is important in supporting the 3 arches of the foot (think of how a bowstring supports a bow) and acts as a shock absorber when you walk or run. And yes you heard me correctly you actually have 3 arches in each foot: medial and lateral longitudinal arches and the transverse arch.

Plantar fasciitis symptoms typically develop slowly and can arise from a variety of factors. Some common causes of this painful disorder can include but are not limited to:

      • Prolonged standing on hard/flat surfaces such as concrete
      • Excessive running
      • Inappropriate footwear
      • Flat feet
      • High arches
      • Tightness in the Achilles tendon and weakness in the calf muscles

Some signs and symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis are as follows:

      • Sharp pain in the heel of the foot
      • Intense pain upon standing after sitting for a long period or when first getting out of bed in the morning.
      • Increased heel pain after walking for a long period of time particularly on a hard surface
      • Pain is typically in one foot

In most cases this condition can be resolved by non surgical intervention using treatments such as physical therapy.  According some sources approximately 80-90% of people suffering from plantar fasciitis will have a complete resolution of their symptoms in 6-18 months, with or without treatment.

If you feel you are experiencing heel or foot pain from plantar fasciitis please feel free to contact us for a consultation. Did you know that physical therapists are now able to practice under a practice law known as Direct Access? Through Direct Access, some insurance providers may allow you to be seen for 6 visits or 30 days without a physician’s referral. The physical therapist is a licensed clinician skilled to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal injuries and will be able to refer out to a physician if further consultation is warranted.

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Disclaimer:  The information in this blog is intended to be informational only, and is not intended to be used in lieu of medical care.  Consult a doctor or a physical therapist before attempting treatment on your own.


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