Cervicalgia: Non-Radiating Neck Pain

Cervicalgia is another name for pain or discomfort in the neck that does not radiate outward into the upper extremities. Cervicalgia is extremely common, with ⅔ of the population experiencing it at some point during their life. This neck pain may feel dull, achy, sharp, or stabbing. The kind of pain experienced depends on the cause of the neck pain. Because the cervical spine houses many sensory nerves, cervicalgia may be accompanied by other symptoms like hearing difficulty or dizziness.

There are a multitude of causes for cervicalgia. One cause is trauma to the neck during an accident. During an accident, force causing hyperextension of the neck causes whiplash. This leads to intense neck pain due to the impact on muscles and ligaments. Another cause is osteoarthritis as we age. Poor posture can contribute to soreness and stiffness in neck musculature. Other causes can include muscular weakness or spinal infections.

Treatment of cervicalgia depends on the cause. For some, the pain will go away within a few weeks. Home treatments for cervicalgia can include heating or icing the neck, massaging the area, and stretching the neck. In cases of persistent cervicalgia, physical therapy may be indicated to reduce pain.

Even though neck pain is incredibly common, there are ways to prevent it from affecting you. One way is to maintain good upright posture. This prevents strain on the neck from flexing forward. Another way is to stay physically active. Targeting muscles of the upper back and shoulder region can prevent rounded shoulders, which leads to poor posture. One last way to prevent cervical pain is to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach forces you to turn your neck to one side, putting stress on the ligaments and muscles in that region.

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