8 Top Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis Bone Loss

Life is busy, and your bone health may not be top of mind. But, improving bone health does not have to be overwhelming. In our research on Osteoporosis, we found a few repeated recommendations to create this simplified list on how to prevent bone loss.

      1. Get Enough Calcium
      2. Get Enough Vitamin D
      3. Stop Smoking and Limit Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke
      4. Do Not Drink Too Much Alcohol
      5. Skip the Soda (Especially Colas) and Drink More Water Instead
      6. Get Moving – Walking, Yoga, or other Weight-bearing Exercise
      7. Lift Some Weight – Even Carrying Grocery Bags Can Help
      8. Talk to Your Primary Physician – Ask about your risks of Osteoporosis, and if these recommendations are safe for your specific health.

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