4 Big Reasons to Smile…Even When it Hurts

Happy World Smile Day from Elite! When we think about physical therapy, we probably do not think about smiling being part of the healing, but it definitely is. Here are four big reasons to smile, even when it hurts:

      1. Smiling helps with pain relief. That’s right, smiling is a natural pain reliever because it releases endorphins. Endorphins resemble pain medications like morphine.
      2. Smiling helps muscles relax, making the body better primed for therapy. Smiling releases tension, allowing our minds and bodies to handle stress better. It can even lower blood pressure.
      3. Smiling can lead to fewer, more effective physical therapy sessions. Smiling releases serotonin, a natural mood lifter. We all get more done and get it done more effectively when we are in a good mood.
      4. Smiling helps people all around us. Yes, smiles are contagious, and your smile may be the lift other patients around you need to get better results in their own therapy.

What if you just cannot make yourself genuinely smile through it? Some research suggests to fake it until you make it. “Smile and laugh more often: the brain does not know the difference between a fake and real smile. If you’re feeling down or notice that you’ve not smiled in a while, fake one. The more often you fake a smile, the more likely smiling will become a more natural habit.” -NeuroNation

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