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Before I tell you how I utilized Direct Access, let me tell you about how my experience with Elite begin. Back in 2007, I literally tore my knee into pieces while playing a pickup game of hoops. My MCL, ACL and Meniscus were all torn. After surgery, one of the therapists at Elite noticed a “leaky” stitch. Kasey, PT checked me out and sent me back to my doctor immediately. All the while, I didn’t get the urgency. Come to find out, my “leaky” stitch was an MRSA staph infection. Kasey and her staff literally saved my leg and the way I see it, saved my life. I did therapy for months and never forgot all the hard work and effort they put into getting me back into shape to run and even play basketball again.

Now fast forward to 3 weeks ago, I injured a disc in my lower back to the point that I could barely walk. Luckily, I knew all I had to do was call and go straight to physical therapy. Once I walked into Elite, once again the staff went back right where they left off. After 2 weeks of therapy, I am feeling 110%. Their approach to therapy is incredible and from all the patients in there daily you can see why Elite is the only Physical Therapy clinic I will ever visit. They have a hands on approach and really care about how you are progressing.  I can’t thank them enough for helping me get back to normal. I highly recommend them with my clients and friends because they have taken such great care of me then and now.

Tad Craig

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