Steve Cole Values His Hip Replacement and PT

Steve Cole is a patient in our Spring Hill clinic.  He was officially diagnosed with Bilateral Hips and had to have Hip Replacement Surgery.  He acquired the condition over many years of standing and walking on concrete for his job.  It has just worn him down overtime, in that, he has had to have twelve surgeries to get things fixed.  It became to where we wasn’t able to mow his lawn or do normal activities without pain.  But after the surgery, it took only about six visits before he started to feel back to normal, walking without and limp and resuming some of his normal daily activities.

Steve says that is was very necessary to do his therapy after surgery.  He loved Elite because he felt no pressure at the clinic but was very satisfied with his care.  He says it was the best thing that every happened.  He is returning to work due to his progress.  Steve would recommend anyone to Elite because there was no wasted time.  Therapy was very smooth and he was able to get in and out with little waiting.  Before surgery, he was told that therapy would be very important.  The doctor was right and Elite helped Steve to keep coming back to my visits until he was completely finished.  They kept him motivated all the way until the very end.

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