Stephen’s Balance Dysfunction from car wreck

I’ve experienced migraines, nerve damage, and slight balance issues after a car wreck in 1995.  Annual MRIs since 2014 show damage to both frontal lobes of my brain due to the crash. My balance issues escalated in early summer of 2020. I had difficulty walking, turning, and standing without feeling dizzy. For several weeks, I used walking sticks to stay upright. I even felt like I was falling when sitting in my desk chair. Doctor visits and Insurance (in-network recommendation) brought me to Elite Physical Therapy around August 2020.

Customer Service at Elite Physical Therapy has been exceptional! I’ve had the most interactions with two individuals; Whitney, at the Front desk and Katelyn, the Physical Therapist.  Both are delightful to work with and encouraging. Katelyn demonstrates a passion for her work. Katelyn uses clinical tests to establish a baseline as well as monitor progress along the way. I’ve made excellent progress following her in office direction as well as homework exercises.
Symptoms have steadily improved with exercise. I’ve been able to move from constantly using a cane to aid in walking/standing to only needing it for long shopping trips. I look forward to not only regaining my balance, but to improve beyond the levels I’ve experienced since the wreck.

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