Rosemary Finch Conquers Four Back Fusion Surgeries

Rosemary Finch is a patient at our Shelbyville clinic.  While on vacation, Rosemary was walking on the sidewalk and stepped off the curb awkwardly.  This caused her to experience pain in her back which was diagnosed as a herniated or bulging disk.  Unfortunately, this bulging disk ended up rupturing causing her to end up having her third back fusion surgery.  The third surgery to fuse the disks together caused more to collapse, sending her back into surgery to fuse disks together higher up in her back.  While the surgery was successful, it has caused consistent back aches and weakness in her back.

When asked about her goals for physical therapy, Rosemary contended that she wants to be able to play golf with little to no pain.  Even though Elite has made her back more loose and she feels better, she admits that she is not back to playing golf yet.  However, she feels great about her current therapy, both at the clinic and at home.  She is very satisfied with her progress and plans on referring friends and family to Elite.  She says, “Elite is the best.”

Thank you Rosemary for choosing Elite for your physical therapy needs.  We know you will be back to playing pain-free golf soon.

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