Right Knee Surgery Won’t Slow Down Amanda Satterfield

Amanda Satterfield is a patient at our Shelbyville clinic.  Amanda was running around her block when she hyperextended her right knee.  She went to the doctor who ordered an MRI, which showed that she tore her meniscus and some cartilage in her knee.  Her knee cap was also displaced due to the swelling as the fluid was pushing it to the side of her leg.

The injury has kept Amanda from running, cleaning the house, getting in and out of her car, and performing her job duties at work.  Her goal from therapy is to be able to bend her knees to do her job, to get back to running so she can work on her health goals, and to be able to clean her house without pain.  And after about a month, she was able to start meeting some of those goals.  Today, she has completed her therapy and is back to normal.

Amanda is a big advocate for our clinic.  She states, “Elite has been wonderful and that the staff is very professional.  The are very encouraging, positive, push you to do your best, but not past your breaking point.  They have done a wonderful job to get me back to where I was before surgery.  Not only do I recommend them, but I would come back if another injury every happens to me again.”

Thank you Amanda for your kind words.  We are grateful that you chose Elite for your therapy.  You were such a hard worker.  We hope we never have to help you recover again!

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