Patty Corley Experiences a Total Hip Replacement Success

My case is just an example of denial.  I cannot remember an exact instance or particular reason for my hip issues.  I started having pain in my right hip about five years ago.  But in the past year, when acupuncture and steroids could no longer help, I decided to talk about total hip replacement surgery.  The pain was so severe that it ruled my life.  The most embarrassing event was taking a client to lunch and not being able to stand or walk when we finished.  I had to have help to the car.  I could barely drive home.  But after the surgery, it only started to take three visits at Elite to start to feel better.  My first visit was very hard, but enjoyed everyone and everything that they had me do.  I was never asked to do a task without them explaining how it would help me.  I had to work on my balance and posture to do the things I used to do with no pain.  Now, my surgeon tells me that I am doing too good, above and beyond most patients.  I couldn’t have done that without Elite.  I love the people and the way they work as a team.  Elite is just #1.

– Patty Corley

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