Osteoporosis Patient Feels Better with Elite Relief

On April 22nd, Anita Jean Brown was about to get into bed for the night when she turned over her ankle. She was unable to straighten it and had to sit on the floor until she could get help. She called her daughter, and they made their way to the hospital. Anita Jean had to have emergency surgery. She had broken her tibia and fibula due to osteoporosis. The disease had caused her bones to become very thin and weak. The surgeon said he had to place two plates and a lot of screws in her leg. He described the surgery on her broken bones as “putting screws into rotten wood.”

Anita Jean spent a full week in the hospital, three weeks in Adam’s Place therapy and rehabilitation services, then another 12 weeks with home health. She is now with Elite Physical Therapy and Balance Center in Shelbyville for her physical therapy. Her first goal of getting good range of motion in her leg and ankle after surgery has been met, and now her new goals are to gain more mobility and increase strength. She still struggles with her day-to-day activities and has a long road to recovery. But, she said within just 4-5 visits with Elite, she started to feel better and seeing hopeful progress.

She quotes, “I would recommend Elite. The therapists are very competent and caring.” She claims they have helped her on her path of recovery by, “giving me exercises to do at home and encouraging me to continue with therapy.”

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*image credit to https://www.britannica.com/science/osteoporosis

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