Misha’s Piriformis Story

As a practicing physical therapist, I found myself as a patient dealing with Piriformis Syndrome. My testimony involves self diagnosis and self treating. After a “bout” of over-activity that seemed to cause consistent numbness down the posterior aspect of my left leg with left foot parenthesis (abnormal sensations). Several doctors visits with a missed diagnosis left me self treating for over 2 years and for a time, my symptoms did improve with each session of PT. However, I turned out to be one who only found permanent relief after a surgical piriformis release. My sciatic nerve ran through the middle of my left piriformis muscle. After surgery, I found myself a patient, yet again, to learn to adapt to my new gait (walking pattern). The surgery turned this pigeon toed girl into a person that had to relearn the proper way to walk. I thank God for the understanding physical therapy has given me so that I can better treat my patients with a tendency to check their piriformis so it’s not overlooked as mine was too often at first.

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