Mike Rittenberry and his quick relief through direct access

Mike Rittenberry’s story of how he quickly went from back pain to relief through direct access at Elite Physical Therapy.

Due to recent storms and blown down limbs, Mike Rittenberry had an abundance of broken sticks and limbs to pick up from his yard.  Within a couple of days, he began to have back spasms and back pain that he attributes to all the bending he was doing to clean up his yard. He thought he could just take it easy for a few days and it would go away.   It was beginning to bother him more.  He knew he needed to do something.

A friend of Mike’s asked him had he ever had Dry Needling done and that it helped their pain tremendously.  He said you can be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without a Doctor’s order.  All you need to do is call Elite Physical Therapy and ask for Drying Needling and Direct Access. Getting physical therapy without an MD order is called Direct Access.

So the next day, Mike called and had an appointment thru Direct Access at Elite Physical Therapy for Dry Needling.  After 2 visits, Mike was able to start playing golf and exercising again!

When asked about his care here at our Shelbyville Clinic, “I was shocked because I had immediate relief!  Anyone who has ever had back spasms knows how painful they can be. I had never heard of Dry Needling until my friend told me about it. ”

Thank you, Mike, for choosing Elite and trusting us to get you back to playing golf and able to exercise.  “Feel Better Faster” at Elite Physical Therapy and Balance.

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