Maria Lovvorn: A Scoliosis Story

Maria Lovvorn has had scoliosis since she was a child.  It has never been treated and while it has not kept her from many of her previous activities, she was always just pushing through in discomfort.  Over the years, the discomfort has now turned to pain and has progressed to the point that she needed major relief.

Maria was skeptical that physical therapy would work for her, but she now admits that the sessions have been great for her.  All the staff has done a great job in helping her with the exercises, and the message therapy that Jason does has been amazing.  She continues her exercises at home and she contends that she started feeling better after just four visits.

She has had a significant reduction in pain and is now able to play with her grandchildren more.  Her mobility has increased which was a big goal of her’s in this process.  She says her whole experience has been an A++.  She knows that there is no cure for her disease, but Elite PT has really helped her reach her goals.

Maria, we are so proud of your progress and thankful that we can be a part of your path to more mobility and play time with your grandkids.  This is what makes us love our job.  Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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