Malik Trollinger Overcomes Back Pain to Play Sports Again

Malik Trollinger is a patient at our Shelbyville clinic.  Malik was working out with his football team doing dead-lifts.  He had 395 pounds on the bar, but when he lifted the bar, he heard a lot of cracking and immediately dropped the weight.  He knew something was immediately wrong and called for the trainer to check him out.  The trainer directed him to Elite Physical Therapy for an evaluation and therapy.

Malik has been through 10-12 visits and feels much better.  At the beginning of the injury, he could not play football or basketball.  However, now he has increased speed and flexibility.  He can touch his toes now, which he couldn’t do before the injury even.  He has even started to practice again.  Malik says he feels like his is really improving because he is keeping up with his home therapy of exercises and stretches.  He says that he plans on referring friends and family to Elite because everyone works together and puts patients first.  Malik loves the simplicity of the home exercise plan by providing exercises that specifically target the injury.

Thanks Malik (and to your trainer) for relying on Elite to help you recover from you sports injury.  We love to hear that you are doing better and that you feel stronger than ever before.

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