Kay Eusepi Recovers from Hip Replacement

Kay Eusepi needed a hip replacement due to osteoarthritis that began many years ago.  She had her right hip replaced eight years ago, but didn’t want to wait as long with the left hip once she started having pain, like she did with her right one.  After about five months of pain, she decided it was time to have the left hip replaced as well.  The pain was keeping her from walking daily, even shopping with her daughter and granddaughter became painful.  She wouldn’t walk far before the pain to set in.  But now, after this hip replacement and therapy at Elite, she walks with no pain.

When asked about how many visits it took before she started to feel better, Kay responded this way: “This is a tricky question.  Physically feeling better and mentally feeling better are miles apart.  Physically, once the hip pain was gone, I felt really good.  Mentally, knowing what my body had just endured, at times, left me felling like I was not accomplishing enough or quickly enough.  With the guidance of Casey, I was able to work through this time, and realize it was normal to feel this way at that point in recovery.  It did not take long for those doubts to disappear and move on successfully, continuing with progress in my therapy.”

Kay’s primary goal is to fully recover and resume normal activities.  She feels her therapy is progressing well.  What she appreciates most is working with Elite to communicate how she is feeling.  One day some of the exercises were too much and left her very sore, but through communication it was cut back for a few days until she was comfortable again to continue doing the same exercise program.  She feels Elite has always been supportive through this process, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally through this process.  She feels not every PT clinic is capable of that insight, but Elite has been.

Kay does her exercises at home that Elite has recommended to strengthen her hip, which she feels is just as important as in-clinic exercises for her full recovery.  She says she would definitely recommend Elite to anyone.  Everytime she comes in, from the front desk area to the techs and the doctors, they always address her by name, which makes me feel valued as a patient and that Elite will always be there for her, encouraging her in every step.  She states that this means a lot to her!

Kay, you mean a lot to us too!  Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your recovery.  We are so proud of you!

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