Kathy Perry’s frozen shoulder story

Hindsight is 20/20. It’s easier to know the right thing to do after it has happened. Here is Kathy Perry’s story of a frozen shoulder. Last summer, she noticed her left shoulder pain and how it wanted to freeze up and continually got worse. She ignored it until October. Kathy’s doctor prescribed physical therapy 2 times a week, she ignored that.

By November, the pain in Kathy’s left shoulder was so intense she went back to the doctor.  The doctor told her to get therapy 3 times a week.  After arthroscopy surgery of left shoulder, she promised she would do physical therapy at Elite Physical Therapy and Balance Center and 8 weeks later, along with doing the home exercises her physical therapist had her do, she is pain free today.

When asked about her care at our Cool Springs clinic, “I am truly grateful to the Elite Physical Therapy staff. The staff is so encouraging, extremely knowledgeable and helped me reach my goal of no pain.”

Kathy wants everyone to know that it is so important to do your physical therapy as prescribed. She ignored her physician’s first request for PT and therefore, she had to have surgery.

Thank you, Kathy, for choosing Elite and trusting us to get you back to your everyday activities and a pain free night’s rest.

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