Kathryn Harris Works Hard to Walk Again After Stroke

Kathryn Harris is a stroke patient at our Cool Springs location and works with Dr. Josh Melchoir.  In 1978, after having neck surgery, Kathryn experienced a series of strokes on the left side of the brain that left detrimental effects to the right side of her body.  Since then, she has struggled with movement on a daily basis.  Recently, Kathryn decided to receive more physical therapy assistance and searched for therapists online through Google.  Recommendations and reviews led her to our Cool Springs location.  She decided she wanted to be able to walk with a cane and stand without any assistance or any assistive device.

Kathryn says that she started improving immediately, noticing a difference after the very first visit.  After a month she was more confident with walking.  She loves therapy saying it is excellent and that she appreciates how much it has helped.  She praises Elite for their help as her strength and balance gets better every time she comes.  Every week she more easily walks further distances and becomes more comfortable with her straight cane.  So much so, she wanted to show all of you her progress.

Kathryn, we are so proud of you!  Your attitude and positivity are remarkable.  We are so thankful to be a part of your life and your therapy.  You inspire all of us so much!  Thank you for sharing your story with our remarkable community.

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