Karen Phillips Battles Tennis Elbow, Trigger Finger, and Carpal Tunnel

Karen Phillips has been battling a myriad of arm problems including tennis elbow, trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome.  This past episode included her hand locking up around a car part at her work.  She was working hard trying to get orders out and her hand just froze around the part.  She had to have someone assist her in getting the part out of her hand.  Shen she went to the doctor, they diagnosed her with carpal tunnel.

Previous episodes of tennis elbow have kept her out of the activities she loves, including swimming, badminton, and other active sports that she loves.  Karen currently visits Elite twice a week and has started to feel better after a few weeks.  Her primary goal is to get the injury behind her.  She likes physical therapy even though it’s challenging.  She knows it is worth the pain because she sees herself progressing after each visit.  She also does her home exercises to assist in her recovery.

Karen states that she would “definitely recommend Elite.”  Her husband is a veteran and is going to have back surgery, and she recommended him to have rehabilitation at Elite as well.  She claims that Elite goes above and beyond to help her.  She believes Elite treats her like family and encourage her to never get up, but to keep going with each exercise.

Thank you Karen for your hard work and your recommendation.  We appreciate you!

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