Julie’s Success Story of Iliopsoas

I suffered several months with hip pain suspected to be dysfunction of my Iliopsoas.  I was even to the point that the pain in my hip would wake me up at night if I rolled on to it. I “babied” it by cutting out my exercise routine and over the counter anti-inflammatory. Lucky for me, I work in physical therapy and the whole team was on a mission to get me some relief. They finally convinced me it was time to go to an orthopedist.

On my first ortho consult, they gave me a cortisone injection that did not seem to help. On my follow up visit, Dr Jeff Cook at Franklin Orthopedics sent me for an MRI. My results revealed severe tendinosis along with some micro tears in my hip joint.

Once our therapists read my MRI results, they were able to eliminate the concern of a labral tear. It was at this time that they developed a new plan of care which incorporated my scoliosis and precisely treated my pain. It appears my lumbar scoliosis was causing my hips to be rotated which then created my iliopsoas to be extremely tight and painful. Once we adjusted my treatment, I started getting relief in just 1 visit.

My treatment consisted of phonophoresis (a deep heat with anti-inflammatory) along with manual technics, dry needling and stretching the tight muscles while strengthening the weak muscles. This combination has been the perfect solution. I have returned to my exercise routine with zero pain. I am however continuing my PT in effort to make sure I do not rotate and stir up my pain again.

To me this is the perfect illustration of the beauty of Physical Therapy. Therapists are trained to study the intricate details of body mechanics and correct them so that they do not create extra wear and tear on our bodies. For me the lesson I learned was not to delay and push through the pain as I had exacerbated my condition. I am incredibly grateful for this team who does not stop until every patient has a successful recovery. Thank you Misha, Josh, Deb, Ally, and Kellie!!!!

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Disclaimer:  The information in this blog is intended to be informational only, and is not intended to be used in lieu of medical care.  Consult a doctor or a physical therapist before attempting treatment on your own.

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