Jerri Neeley Fights Bulging Disks and Neuropathy

Jerri Neeley and her husband, John, have both been patients at our Shelbyville clinic.  Unfortunately, Jerri has three bulging disks in her neck that become aggravated at least once a year which causes extreme pain and TMJ from grinding her teeth at night through the pain.  It also causes her ear, neck, and shoulder pain, along with headaches and numbness in her hands and fingers.  Needless to say, the recurrence of the symptoms brings Jerri back to us without the need for surgery.

Therapy at Elite has provided almost complete relief from the TMJ but Jerri still wears a mouth guard at night to assist with the teeth grinding.  She believes the in-clinic traction and the at-home exercises are really helping her recover faster and faster with each recurrence of her bulging disks.  Her primary goal of the therapy is to be able to move her neck and shoulders without pain.  She cooks, entertains, and loves being active outdoors, so she desires to do these without pain and neuropathy.

When asked how she feels about Elite, Jerri states, “I love Elite.  They have helped me in the past with the same issues and always help me get back to feeling better.  I try to do my exercises at home.  I refer anyone I can to Elite.  The PT’s are extremely caring, thorough, and know their work.  They ROCK!”

Thank you Jerri for choosing Elite to be a part of your continued therapy for your bulging disks.  We love that you Feel Better Faster with each recurrence.

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