Jeri Arrighi & her Spinal Stenosis

Jeri Arrighi Patient Story – cervical fusion

“Everyone at Elite PT have been very encouraging”

Jeri Arrighi is a patient at Elite’s Shelbyville clinic. She initially presented with balance issues that progressively got worse, leading to falls and reliance on a walker, as well as numbness and tingling in her hands. Since Jeri spends a lot of time working on her farm and with her horses, this concerned her as it impeded her ability to perform necessary tasks safely and with confidence. Jeri decided to seek help when she started dropping things due to loss of grip strength. She came to Elite with cervical stenosis – a narrowing of the spinal canal in her neck – for a few visits, but it was quickly determined that she was going to need a cervical fusion to prevent further injury. She returned to Elite for both physical and occupational therapy in mid-December after her C3-C6 fusion.

When Ms. Arrighi returned to therapy at Elite she was still using a wheeled walker for mobility and had continued numbness and weakness in both hands. Her physical therapy initially focused on postural strength and regaining mobility in her neck, areas she progressed rapidly in. Physical therapy quickly turned to her balance issues. Her occupational therapy focused on fine motor skills, such as writing or buttoning a shirt, as well as regaining grip strength so she could drink her coffee without worrying about dropping the mug. Ms. Arrighi progressed so quickly that her occupational therapist, Erica Montgomery, discharged her after three weeks, and her physical therapist, Josh Melchior, graduated her to a cane. Ms. Arrighi is still coming to Elite for physical therapy to continue working on her balance, but she is currently not using a cane to walk and feels much more confident on her feet; she has not had any falls since starting physical therapy with Elite.

When Jeri was asked about her therapy at Elite, she said, “I have had a great response to therapy!  Everyone was so encouraging and caring. Really a nice group of therapists!”

Thank you, Ms. Jeri, for trusting Elite Physical Therapy and Balance Center to help you FEEL BETTER FASTER! Now you can show your beautiful horses again!

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