Jennifer Anderson: Advanced Thumb Arthritis

Battling arthritis, Jennifer Anderson is a patient at our Cool Springs / Franklin clinic.  Unfortunately, Jennifer had developed advanced basilar thumb arthritis in both hands.  This caused a lack of grip strength and chronic dull pain with stiffness and minor tingling sensations at the tips of both thumbs.  The arthritis and bone spurs in both hands and wrists kept Jennifer from actively participating in work, hobbies and exercise, which led to her opting to have Thumb CMC Arthroplasty surgery.

Post surgery, Jennifer has had some restrictions as expected during the healing and therapy process, but based on the early results, a full recovery is expected.  She is excited for the full functional use of both hands, including strength and grip functions.  Jennifer states that PT has been extremely helpful in regaining strength and mobility back into her hands.  Even though it is not always fun, the exercises have been very beneficial so far.  She does some home therapy already, but expects that to become more extensive when her PT visits end at the clinic.

Jennifer loves Elite PT and Balance, and says she would highly recommend any friends and family.  The staff has been nothing short of professional, knowledgeable about the programs necessary for pain management and rehabilitation, and is so enjoyable to be around.  Jennifer concludes by saying, “When you see consistent physical improvement and the patient looks forward to going to their appointment, rather than dreading it, you know you’re doing something right.  Thank you Elite!”

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