How PT Eliminated Mr Robinson’s Neck Pain

Daniel Robinson woke up with a knot in the muscles at the base of his skull that would shoot pain up and down his neck and left shoulder.  After a trip to the doctor, he was sent to our Shelbyville Clinic to try therapy.  After the second visit for therapy, Mr. Robinson began to tell a difference. The pain was going away. He started doing traction in his second week and noticed a significant improvement and says that stretching on the traction machine is what made the pain in his shoulder go away.  Mr. Robinson just completed his sixth therapy appointment and the pain in his shoulder is now gone.  He notes some lingering tightness in his neck that causes him pain occasionally but overall is much better.

Mr. Robinson came to Elite with very tight suboccipital muscles (the muscles right at the base of your skull) tight upper trapezius, and radiating pain into his left shoulder. We started Mr. Robinson on a plan of care that involved manual stretching, soft tissue mobilization, traction, postural exercises, and gave him a home exercise program. Mr. Robinson improved quickly and is well on his way to a discharge from PT to a home exercise program.

When asked about how you would describe his therapy at Elite PT and Balance, Mr. Robinson replied “My therapy at Elite has been perfect. All the staff has been good to me.  Therapist Josh has the best touch when it comes to my neck. This is the best place for physical therapy!”

We are so glad you chose Elite PT and Balance for your physical therapy! You were a pleasure to get to know and work with also! Thank you for letting us help you FEEL BETTER FASTER!

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