“Honey” and her Neck Pain

Brenda Ayers, called “Honey” by her family and friends, started feeling pain and tightness in her neck several months ago. When the pain went down into her upper back and left shoulder blade and got worse instead of going away, Honey went to her doctor and had an MRI. She was told she had cervical disc degeneration and was sent to physical therapy at Elite.

The spine is separated into three different zones based on the location and shape of the vertebra. There are seven cervical vertebrae in your neck, and between each is a gel-like disc that acts as a cushion and helps support the spine. Degenerative disc disease is the wear and tear of those disc and in bad cases can collapse or bulge, causing neck pain and pain, weakness, and numbness or tingling in your arms. Luckily for Honey, her symptoms were limited to her neck. Her treatment focused on postural exercises and stretching, manual therapy for cervical vertebrae mobility and muscle relaxation, and mechanical cervical traction to increase the space between each vertebra.

Brenda describes her first day of therapy, saying, “The staff made me feel like a part of their family. They took such good care of me and about the way the exercises went. They didn’t want me to do anything that really hurt all the while wanting me to do as much as I could. I have to admit that made me want to do more. The more I came to my therapy, the closer I seemed to get to being well. Thank you, Elite!!”

Thank you, Honey, for allowing us to help you FEEL BETTER FASTER!  It’s always great to hear that we not only made a happy patient but also a member of our Elite family!

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Disclaimer:  The information in this blog is intended to be informational only, and is not intended to be used in lieu of medical care.  Consult a doctor or a physical therapist before attempting treatment on your own.

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