Ginger Harper Gets Elite Relief for Achilles Tear after Attic Accident

One of the funniest and heart-warming scenes of the 1989 comedy film, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, is when Clark Griswold breaks through the attic floor. Thankfully, he does not fall all the way through, but lands both feet on the top bunk of Rusty’s bunk beds. Trapped there for hours until his family returns home, he goes through a trove of old family video reels wearing whatever warm items he could find in the attic.

In real life, we have all either fell through our own ceilings, almost fell through, or witnessed someone else fall through. It is an easy accident to happen, and it can damage your body, not just your house. While Clark Griswold was fine, our Spring Hill patient, Ginger Harper, was not.

The week before Christmas of 2017, Ginger was in the attic when one simple wrong move caused her to fall. One of her legs went right through, but, she was able to get up and get out of the attic. She thought she had just bruised her ankle and that it was slow to heal. By March, it was still not feeling better, so Ginger went to the doctor.

What they found on MRI shocked her. She would need surgery for an Achilles Tendon tear and a large bone spur repair. She had to wait until May for surgery when she could take some time off for her surgery and recovery. She elected to do her post-op physical therapy at our clinic in Spring Hill to get Elite Relief. There, they taught her exercises to do at home between appointments to help speed up her recovery.

We asked her how she felt therapy was going, and she said, “I like going to therapy. The exercises to stretch my ankle out makes me feel good. I do exercises at home, too. I will refer my friends and family to Elite Physical Therapy because they do an awesome job on showing how to do exercises to the area you need. They are very nice and will help you in any way they can. They are the best.”

Ginger, thank you for sharing your story and how Elite Relief is helping you Feel Better Faster. It is a joy having you in our clinic. We are so glad you are feeling better and getting back to normal activity!

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