Deborah’s Rotator Cuff Story

Sometimes life can unexpectedly knock us back a few steps, but it’s all about how we face the adversity in life, and who is there to support us. Elite Physical Therapy want’s to support all of our patients when they have been knocked about by life, so we can get them feeling better and back on track.

 Last summer Mrs. Debbie Gleason took a fall that sent her to us here at Elite. She was in a considerable amount of pain in her neck and shoulders. Her orthopedic doctor recognized that her neck was responsible for a good amount of her pain, so he prescribed physical therapy to aid in the healing and strengthening of her neck and shoulders. Misha, our Physical Therapist here at Elite was also able to help see just how much of the problem was due to her neck, and suggested that Mrs. Gleason return to her Orthopedic doctor. There she received a cortisone shot, which for Mrs.Gleason provided enough relief that she was able to focus her energy on her shoulders. She then had an MRI for each shoulder and learned that she did have a rotator cuff tear in her right shoulder.

Mrs. Gleason is an avid crafter with a small business, as well as she’s a full time teacher. Known as Gigi by her 3 grandchildren, Mrs. Gleason used them as motivation for her recovery. She needed to get back on track so she could resume her life. While she did end up requiring surgery to repair the rotator cuff tear, she benefits the forward motion with her recovery to going ahead with the surgery. She stated “This injury made it nearly impossible to exercise or use my right arm without pain.” Without strengthening here at PT, she would not have been able to heal right even, if she was feeling relief from the pain. Her goals were to regain strength in her right shoulder, all range of motion, and to be able to resume all of her activities. All of those goals were met. Especially her “Gigi” ones! 

Mrs. Gleason says “My therapy has been fabulous. Everyone at Elite has been absolutely wonderful. They are professional and friendly…and the encouragement from everyone has been over the top!”

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