Deborah’s Chronic Knee Inflammation

Deborah’s story of how she battles chronic knee inflammation with Physical Therapy and the use of dry needling… While in college I went on a ski trip to Vale, Colorado. On the first morning, halfway through my second downhill run, I slid on a patch of ice and lost control. As I fell, I felt and heard a pop in my left knee. My knee immediately started to swell and was painful. Imaging showed I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). My surgeon did an orthoscopic surgery and cleaned up the torn sections of the ligament. Sometime in the next few years I tore my ACL completely and managed without it, limiting some of my activities and being careful with running on uneven ground.

While running hills one day I started having pain in my knee. The pain worsened to the point that I couldn’t use stairs or exercise and I consulted a surgeon. What followed was an ACL and meniscus repair, followed by a second meniscus surgery a year later removing most of my meniscus in my L knee (meniscectomy). A meniscectomy often speeds up the arthritis process in knees and I started having sharp stabbing pains in my knee 2 years after my surgery. This was very discouraging as I’m usually very active and love to hike, workout and walk for exercise but the stabbing pain happened even while I was sitting and sleeping. My hamstring, that had been used to donate a tendon for the surgery, pulled with every step and I had pain while squatting. My coworker Josh Melchior and I decided to start trying dry needling for my knee pain and hamstring tightness. After 3 sessions I really started to see a difference and no longer had the stabbing pain in my knee. Wow, what a difference! I have gone from fearing I would need a knee replacement soon to hiking several miles with minimal discomfort!

Everyone asks me if dry needling hurts, yes it can be painful on particularly irritated muscles, but in my case, well worth it.  I have been so impressed by the results that I wanted to share my story for someone dealing with pain in their knee, shoulder, neck, hamstring, calf etc. Dry needling is a great way to treat pain using the bodies own inflammatory process to promote a natural healing process.

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Disclaimer:  The information in this blog is intended to be informational only, and is not intended to be used in lieu of medical care.  Consult a doctor or a physical therapist before attempting treatment on your own.

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