Deanna Richardson Recovers from Biceps Tendinitis

Deanna Richardson is a patient at our Spring Hill clinic.  She has biceps tendinitis in her right arm connecting at her right shoulder that was caused from repetitive lifting and pushing plus poor ergonomics in her sitting.  This has caused the tendons to fray requiring her to have surgery to repair the tendons.  She has not been to work since surgery but is getting stronger every clinic visit.  She started to regain her strength and arm mobility after about four visits and is still working to regain her flexibility and returning to work without pain.

Before surgery and physical therapy on her biceps tendinitis, she had poor strength and mobility in her right arm, but now she has regained her strength and most of her mobility.  Deanna admits that she loves her therapy.  The staff at Elite all work well together and adjust her sessions as needed to improve range of motion.  Yes, they push her hard, but she knows its for her own recovery.  She already recommends friends to Elite due to their great personalities, detailed attentive care, and professional but friendly atmosphere.  She keeps up with her home exercises and is well on her way to Feeling Better Faster.

Deanna, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your recovery.  We love having you part of our community!  Keep up the good work!

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