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Stacey Martin came to our Cool Springs Elite Physical Therapy & Balance Center desperate, and looking for help with her come & go dizziness. Stacey describes her symptoms as feeling like you are falling or trying to get off of something spinning every time you laid down or got up. It was affecting her balance and her daily activities.

Stacey said she did not know vertigo therapy existed! She was coming to see us at Elite for a different problem when we struck up a conversation on vertigo and we educated her on our treatments. So she calls the awareness of vertigo therapy “beautiful” because her symptoms were resolved.

After one treatment, Stacey says her symptoms went away. When we asked Stacey to describe her therapy she replied, “Treatment was quick, specific and successful. I would rate Elite PT a BIG 10+ “.

We are so happy you are not suffering with vertigo. It is most times an easy fix.  Thank you for choosing Elite Physical Therapy

If you have been diagnosed with Vertigo or any other balance disorder or are currently experiencing balance problems, please come see us for a free consultation to see how we can assist you in your recovery.  To request an appointment, click here, or call directly to one of our three locations during regular business hours:

Cool Springs: 615-224-9810
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Spring Hill: 931-489-2022

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